New Online Conveyancing Platform

There’s always a lot of nervousness around buying or selling a house. It often comes during the process known as conveyancing. First time buyers in particular are often left feeling inadequate or bamboozled by such an elaborate process.

This has led to the creation of Hoowla. A website which acts as a multi-party forum, sharing information between everyone concerned in the transaction.

For those unfamiliar with the conveyancing process when we buy a house we need to find a solicitor or conveyancing service. Some will use a family solicitor or attempt to find the cheapest deal and others will go for leading industry names such as Saga who offer assurances and integrity.

The conveyancing service will then do all sorts of checks on your behalf to ensure your properties integrity. These searches include: a Land Registry search, a mining search, a local search, a bankruptcy search, a drainage search and a legal search.

This can be a long drawn-out process and the run up to ‘completion’ can be extremely stressful.

If you’re a buyer you’re constantly thinking, what if the seller pulls out and I lose all the money I spent on my survey? Maybe I’ve wasted all my time and energy and the deal will fall through? Why haven’t I heard from my solicitor for a while?

You need transparency and clarity and this is where sites such as Hoowla could be invaluable. Hoowla’s site will effectively be a conveyancing ‘portal’ where you can see the stages of the transaction. It’ll also help the flow of information between all parties, which has always seemed essential but there’s never been a tool to facilitate such a forum – until now.

When you’re going through the conveyancing process, you’re often left wondering at what stage the deal is at.  Are the wheels in continual motion? Is your solicitor or estate agent dragging their feet over completing the paperwork?

There’s often a point where the line of communication breaks down and you’re left wondering who isn’t fulfilling their duty in a prompt manner.

With Hoowla you could chase up your solicitor or estate agent without a great long paper chase or endless telephone calls. You could even ask the seller pressing questions about whether they intend to leave their white goods in the house or if you can come to some agreement over faults found in the survey.

Hoowla will take a lot of stress out of conveyancing and could make the entire process much more transparent. The site also has intentions to assist in the payment of technicalities such as Stamp Duty. Buying a house is daunting so resources like Hoowla are always welcome.

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