Landlords the time is approaching

From 1 October 2008 all homes being let will be required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).

The complexities of this legislation seems yet to be fully understood by all and has promted us to expand our EPC FAQ page.

Some of the points of the legislation which I feel are paramount to Landlords are:

Under new EU legislation from the 1st October 2008, when buildings are to be rented out, the landlord is responsible for ensuring a valid certificate is made available to all prospective tenants.

How and when should I supply the Energy Performance Certificate?

The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and recommendation report must be made available free of charge by the seller or a landlord to a prospective buyer or tenant at the earliest opportunity and no later than:

  • when any written information about the building is provided in response to a request for information received from the prospective buyer; or
  • when a viewing is conducted; or
  • if neither of those occur, before entering into a contract to sell or let.

An energy performance certificate does not have to be made available if:

  • the seller believes that the prospective buyer or tenant is unlikely to have sufficient funds to purchase or rent the property or is not genuinely interested in buying or renting that type of property; or
  • the seller or landlord is unlikely to be prepared to sell or rent out the property to the prospective buyer or tenant (although this does not authorize unlawful discrimination)

We have developed our offering to Landlords and have recently launced a new website as part of this expansion, please see Landlord EPC here.

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